With Diego Costa being seemingly exiled by Conte via text message, Chelsea will be in need of a new man to lead the line, and that man is Romelu Lukaku. Although ‘The Blues’ are interested in other options such as Belotti, the Everton man is certainly most wanted by Antonio Conte. However, despite all the critics, Lukaku will be a success at Chelsea.

Conte is known to have been a long-time admirer of the striker as he was wanted when Conte was winning back-to-back titles with Juventus. This admiration is key in making Romelu a successful figure for Chelsea for years to come. As Chelsea fans, we all trust Antonio right? Therefore we should accept Conte’s request to sign the Belgian despite other alternatives perhaps being more exicted. On the topic of trusting Conte, we all saw at the Euro’s that Italy lined up with Pelle upfront. This somehow worked wonders for Italy as they dismantled Spain and Belgium before only losing to the Germans on penalties. Pelle was a success because he played in a system to suit his target man needs, playing off Eder and Candreva to great effect. Surely if Conte can make a makeshift Italy team successful around an underwhelming striker, then Lukaku can work well under Chelsea’s system.

The major points critics use against the signing of Lukaku, is that he lacks technical ability and big match experience. Although these are genuine points and factors that affect Lukaku, they seem to forget a certain Didier Drogba. In Drogba’s first season, he lacked big game experience and wasn’t a key man in our champions league campaign. He had his own critics at that time, however Didier surpassed this, becoming our big game man. Lukaku deserves to be given the chance to prove himself in big championship games and European nights. Drogba and Lampard both credit Lukaku and wish for him to return to Stamford Bridge. If this isn’t a reason to wish for his return then I don’t know what is.

Source: Mancitysquare

Comparing Costa to Lukaku, the Everton striker has a better goal scoring record than Diego, scoring more goals in the last two seasons. Romelu has achieved this with supply coming from Barkley and Bolasie, compared to Costa being surrounded with world class talents. What can Lukaku achieve if he is being supplied by Fabregas, Hazard and Pedro? Obviously Costa is a better big game player, however his UCL record for Chelsea doesn’t set the world on fire. Lukaku can easily reach Diego or Eden’s UCL goal tally in the group stage this year if we perform well.

The Chelsea fan should be given support and the chance by fans to prove himself and to become a Chelsea legend. We could have a top-level striker for the next decade on our door step if all cards are played right.

By Guy Lewsey


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