The centre forward role is one problem which we have had for many years recently. After Drogba left, we were almost in a crisis. Our first team striker wasn’t good enough, or was injured and our second team striker was never good enough. In this transfer window, we need a striker, to replace Diego Costa who looks set to leave, who will show consistency, become a key figure in the side, and potentially follow in Didier Drogba’s footsteps.

As you can see above, this is probably one of, the, greatest moments in the history of Chelsea Football Club, and most of it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for this man. He scored from the corner to take it to extra time; gave away a penalty in extra rime, where ex Chelsea player Robben took the penalty but was saved by Cech; Drogba to finish the penalty shootout to make ChelseaChampions of Europe. It was written in the stars.

He was now one of the best strikers in the world and he loved Chelsea. But we need to worry about the present and the future: we can’t get Didier Drogba back and even if we did, he wouldn’t be as good as he was before. But even now, there are still forwards who are as good as him or have the potential to be even better.

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Romelu Lukaku, who was at Chelsea, and probably wants to prove his point at Chelsea for selling him. But recently, Man Utd have reportedly bid £75 Million, and his move is looking to push away from Chelsea and possibly to the Red Devils. However, the conditions are very different. Lukaku wants to move to Chelsea, but his agent wants him to prove to Jose Mourinho that he isn’t the striker that he thought he was. However, it has been rumoured that Lukaku is only wanted by Chelsea’s director of football.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 20.26.00

Alexis Sanchez is a brilliant Arsenal player, who is playing very well in what was a weak team. Imagine what he could do with the Chelsea, with the calibre of players around him. Many months ago, it looked like his move to Chelsea was imminent when he said he wanted to stay in London but win trophies:

“I am happy in London and hope to finish my contract there. I’d like to stay in the city but with a team that is winning things, that has a winning mentality.”

When asked if he will be Claudio Bravo’s team-mate at City next season during a press conference with Chile’s national team, Sanchez replied: ‘Good question! Right now I’m focused on the Confederations Cup.

‘When this is finished I will see if I stay or go. I don’t know.’

But after Arsenal have signed Lacazette, which I think is a great signing, if Sanchez decided to stay, they will either have to have some competition if he stays at the club or they change the formation. Unless, clubs decide to wait a year when his contract runs out and then get him then for free. However there is a risk. If we do wait a year and he plays well in the year, then there is a chance he may even sign a new contract with Arsenal if they win the Premier League or Europa League.

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But, according to many reporters, Antonio Conte’s first choice is Morata. This has a very high chance of happening if Lukaku does go to Manchester United because it looked like United were easily going to get Morata. Conte has also managed him, so he knows what type of player he was when he was loaned to Juventus from Real Madrid. Also, according to Sky Sports, United are no longer interested in Alvaro Morata.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 20.18.47.png


Another striker who is becoming more and more popular, is the Seria A forward Belotti. He has scored the most goals out of all of the attackers named above, however that is in the Seria A which is a completely different league to the Premier League, and the way it plays. He is very quick and isn’t the weakest either, very similar to Sanchez.

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You can check out the head to head statistics between all of the forwards mentioned above, below.

Compare All The Key Statistics

Let us know your thoughts in the poll below. Have we missed anyone off? If so, leave a comment.

Who do you think will be the best fit as a Chelsea player?


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