Tottenham defender Danny Rose has spoken to the The Sun newspaper about his future at Tottenham Hotspur. 

Rose has been linked with a £40 million move to Chelsea, after it was reported, by The Sun, that manager Antonio Conte wanted him. 

The England international spoke to The Sun in an exclusive interview and this is what he had to say regarding success. 

“Time is running out and I do want to win trophies. I don’t want to play football for 15 years and not have one trophy or one medal.”

“Sorry, that’s not what I am about. I wouldn’t be happy with that. I want to win something.”

Talking about his future, he said:

“I’m not saying I want out, but if something came to me that was concrete, I’d have no qualms about voicing my opinions to anyone at the club.”

“I am happy at Tottenham, I love my team-mates and the fans have been great for the last three years.”

With being linked to Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United, Rose could  double his salary with a move, but he says he not motivated by the money.

“In any walk of life, if you think you are worth a certain amount, why settle for less? I am not that person.”

“Anyone who thinks this is primarily for money, that is not the case. But I know what I am worth.”

Rose has had quite an experience at Spurs with the fans, and this was what he had to say on the fans.

“I’ll never forget how some fans treated me when I signed a contract.”

Will Spurs be tempted to sell if an offer comes in for Rose? 

It’ll be an interesting summer, as Spurs have made no new additions and have already let Kyle Walker leave to Manchester City for £50 million. 


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