New Chelsea Striker Alvaro Morata has today hit out at critics in an interview, stating that he has ‘already been killed after just 15 official minutes for Chelsea’. He goes on to state that he is already being unfairly judged at the Club in such a short space of time.

To be honest, the man has a point. He has been wrongly ctitisised already and not just by the press, but by supporters and pundits alike.

He is new to the English league, has not been used to regular football, is still only young, and realistically everyone must expect him to have some teething troubles while getting used to the game and Antonio Conte’s ways of working. He must be allowed time.

But on the other hand, his words strike me as frustration already. He seems to be surprised at the type of negative press he is already recieving. But as an experienced Chelsea fan and Journalist, I was fully expecting this.

The English press in particular thrive on drama, they await failure of big name signings, especially from Chelsea and Clubs considered large in stature for some reason. 

I fear this turning into a Fernando Torres situation, should Morata let it get to him. Torres arrived from our rivals Liverpool with a large fee on his head. He was expected to be the best thing to ever happen to Chelsea. But the pressure grew when he didn’t hit the ground running and you could see that affecting his play, his form and his confidence. He listened to critics and allowed them to get in his head.

I do not want to see the same thing happen to our new Spanish striker. I do not know enough about the mentality of the player to know whether he can just bat off these critics and let his football do the talking. But the early signs suggest otherwise to me.

One thing that reassures me is our Manager. Conte is a great man manager and I believe he can get Morata to switch off to such negativity and make him a top class striker for Chelsea, one who will score goals, create them and be a huge asset to the team. 

Mr Morata, let them bite, let them ctitisise, trust your own ability and let your goals talk.

Simon Phillips @SiPhillipsCFC


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