It seems a cloud of negativity has set itself over Stamford Bridge for the past few weeks, with players, coach, board and especially tabloids all stirring up controversy during a frustrating period for Chelsea Football Club. Below, I’ll show you why not everything is doom and gloom and there is no real reason to panic just yet.

I’ll start with perhaps the most controversial player still on Chelsea’s books, Diego Costa.

Source – Twitter

Once again the Brazilian has found himself in the spotlight, this time following an interview he had with Sportsmail, painting a picture of himself as the victim of Conte’s decisions and that he’s being ‘treated like a criminal’. Respecting Costa’s contribution to our club over the years, I and most other supporters ,however, refuse to fall for his cries for help now that he’s been isolated from the club. Diego also continues to be financially punished for refusing to come back to training as his lack of fitness could jeopardize any attempt to sell him by the end of the transfer window.  Costa’s comments about his love for Chelsea and the fans are quite hypocritical, however, considering the fact that he himself stated publicly on several different occasions his desire to return to Atletico Madrid, starting with the beginning of last season. Sooner or later we will part ways, Costa finally moving to his  beloved Atletico (most likely), and Chelsea finally ridding themselves of this constant back-and-forth, allowing all Chelsea fans to rally around our new, very promising striker, Alvaro Morata.

Secondly, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of the Blue’s transfer frustrations this year, so i won’t go on too long on this subject as not to repeat what has already been reported heavily. One thing i will say is that, despite all the circumstances, Chelsea fans shouldn’t be in despair just yet. As a club we do most of our transfers late in the window anyway, and it is more than likely that by the end of the transfer season we’ll have at least another 3 players among our ranks. The list includes players like Oxlade-Chamberlain, Drinkwater, Sandro, Rose, Van Dijk and Roberto, all players who would contribute significantly to our squad and it is certain that at least some of them will join. As the famous motto goes: “Keep calm….”.

Lastly, we were all left shocked following our defeat to Burnley at home on Saturday, with most fans, including myself, expecting an easy win and 3 points in the bag. Even though we were off to a shaky start, it was expected that we’d bounce back, but any hope for a smooth ride was hindered after Gary Cahill made a sharp start on his opponent, resulting in a direct red card. Whether the referees decision was too harsh i’ll let you be the judge of, however this isn’t the first time our captain made a mistake like this which hurt the whole team. Burnley took advantage of our decreased numbers and were already 3-0 up by the end of the first half. Our 2nd half performance though is what really gives me hope. Despite being a man and later two men down, our team once again showed passion and desire, the likes of which we saw throughout our title-winning campaign last year, and significantly improved our performance. As soon as Morata came off the bench to replace Michy, it was a completely different game, the Spaniard only needing half an hour to show his superb skills and talent, scoring the first goal and assisting for the second scored by Luiz.

With this kind of dedication and passion, accompanied by much-needed discipline which Conte will undoubtedly drill into the players this week, I am optimistic about our chances against a somewhat weakened Tottenham, especially considering the fact that Pedro is set to return to our starting lineup after being out due to injury.

Another important factor we need to remember is that our key players, Bakayoko and Hazard are yet to return, after which we will be looking formidable once again.

All will turn out well my fellow Blue’s, just give it time!

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