Pictures have emerged at perfect timing to give hope to a deflated community of Chelsea fans, as frustration grows circling around the size of their squad and Saturday’s opening day loss to Burnley.

The pictures confirmed over night reports that both Tiemoue Bakayoko and Eden Hazard are back in full training with the squad. 

Bakayoko had posted via his Instagram early on Tuesday morning that he was returning to training after his knee injury that’s kept him from making his Chelsea debut.

It’s unclear just how heavy their individual training sessions have been and it’s unlikely that either of them will feature against Tottenham on Sunday, but you may well see Bakayoko at least on the bench. 

It does mean though that both players should be very near to a full return once they’ve regained fitness and adapted to Manager Antonio Conte’s sessions. 

So let’s rejoice Blues, and celebrate this rare piece of positivity!

Simon Phillips @SiPhiilipsCFC


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