Over the last few days I have been reading some very odd Journalism, especially from a certain article today (which I shall refrain from naming), claiming that Chelsea’s current situation is down to Antonio Conte.

The article basically states that Conte should have stopped certain players leaving on loan and permanently. 

Quite frankly, this is absurd. The media should know that Conte’s title at Chelsea is actually a ‘Head Coach’, meaning he actually holds very little power when it comes to making decisions. He can advise and make requests to the Board/Owner but ultimately all decisions rest on the Club owner Roman Abramovich.

The Chelsea board are in place as Abramovich’s advisers and help him make the decisions. But when it comes down to it, it is the main man who decides whether he wants to sanction a £75m move for Alex Sandro or not, just as an example.

Yes Conte has a list of targets, players he would rather keep in the squad and his own ideas. But just how much of those he gets agreed, nobody can say. This would also be something he would have been fully aware of when he got the job at Chelsea, these terms would have been made very clear to him, so it’s not something that he can now feel hard done by. I am sure though, deep down he will be utterly surprised by how things his current squad is and would never have expected that.

But anyway I’m digressing. At the end of the day his main role is to ‘coach’ the set of players that he has to the best of his ability, and attempt to get them to meet the requirements of the board and the owner. Conte really does not have much more of a say than his younger brother Gianluca, who is an Assistant Head Coach with the Club.

You should look at the Club like a corporate business, they all have their say, but that final decision will always be with Abramovich based on what his advisers have told him. 

I won’t be breaking down the board and discussing incompetence, as that’s not the point of this article, let’s leave that one for another day.

Simon Phillips @SiPhillipsCFC


One comment

  1. Personally, I feel it’s naive to think Conte is blameless in the fiasco that has been this summer at Chelsea. And, when the dust settles, we’ll see the decision not to begin the season by using Ake and Chalobah as first-team players will be the one that haunts us and Conte the most. It represented a ninety-degree turn away from where we’d been heading and ignited the subsequent panic. Rightly or wrongly, Conte should have said I don’t need Rudiger or Bakayoko, I have Ake and Chalobah. It was a poor move practically and, perhaps more tellingly for him in the long term, was a poor move politically.

    If he’d done that, he’d have a happy, united squad. Fans behind everyone. Club satisfied. Media onside. Evolution, not revolution. Worst case scenario: team falters because kids not good enough. Conte says: “told ou so, won’t win nuffink with kids, etc”. Additions made in January.


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