When you think back to the events that started the 2015 season, when Jose Mourinho’s title winning Chelsea went into pure meltdown, you will remember the incident with the physio’s and Eden Hazard. 

For me, this was the start of a dramatic period at Chelsea that split fans opinions, created a soap opera around the Club and turned players against each other and the Manager. 

At the moment Mourinho’s anger boiled over and he caused a scene, I believe this was him sealing his Chelsea fate. Despite what anyone says, deep down this is when he lost the majority of the Chelsea dressing room, and condemned a season that saw the blues hovering dangerously close to the bottom of the league.

This incident caused drama, such of which the Chelsea board and owner do not appreciate at their club. I’m not debating whether the physio’s were in the right or in the wrong, the way Mourinho acted at the time – this bought the club into a negative state and players heads dropped.

This season many have voiced concerns of it becoming a repeat of that one. However, Antonio Conte is a Manager who has no time for pre-madonnas, no time for drama and negativity. 

The Diego Costa incident has done it’s best to start a similar situation, but Costa for me is full of drama, he attracts controversy and our manager knows this.

I realise the situation has not been dealt with in the best way, but Conte keeping such a strong stance on Costa and his Chelsea career being over, he’s showing that he will not be dictated to and will not allow this negativity to creep in and affect his players. He’s taken control of the situation.

Yesterday proved that Conte still has the players on his side, every man on that pitch put in 100% and fought for every ball, and that paid off with victory.

Conte celebrated the winning goal and the 3 points like a Cup final win, and so did his players. They all gathered together and showed us they are all together as one, all fighting and all have that passion and desire to win. 

Chelsea of course have the media on their backs waiting for another dramatic incident to happen, so they can carry on with their ‘crisis’ agenda, but Chelsea are just focusing on playing football and being together as a team, a team that is lead by a very wise leader, a man who is siffling out the drama in the club and not allowing any negativity to creep back in.

Simon Phillips @SiPhillipsCFC


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