Since Antonio Conte has arrived at Stamford Bridge, the media outlets have always targeted him, claiming story after story about him leaving.

It first started back in September 2016, when Chelsea had lost two back to back games, to at that time, title rivals, in Liverpool at home, and then Arsenal away the following week. Speculation followed and in mid October, betting companies suspended the betting on Conte to be dismissed.

The following day, it was laughed off in the pre-match press conference. He defied those rumours and took Chelsea on a 13 match winning streak, going into January. They came through as underdogs, and came out as league winners in May.

But then, another twist. The first day of the new season, after a poor pre-season, but expected with a Conte managed side, the rumours were re-ignited. The Blues defeat to Burnley on the opening day, 3-2, and comments calling for new players, the media said he was likely to resign.

The media stopped these stories of a Conte exit once Chelsea started winning last season, but they’ve change their tune this year.

The champions headed to Wembley to face Spurs, in which they came away with all three points with an emphatic performance, but more rumours have come out today.

Sport Bild in Germany, have reported that Thomas Tuchel is going to replace Antonio Conte at Stamford Bridge, with the Italian set for the sack.

Yes, each side, the board and Conte, not the manager but head coach may have disagreements, but they came out on top last year so something must be working.

Ever since Conte arrived in England, the press have wanted him gone. He has been a breath of fresh air and revitalising the three at the back system, and making it more appealing, setting the trend for other teams to finally use it.

If these rumours were persistently true, then I don’t think Chelsea would have done so well last season, and he wouldn’t be here now. He would have gone at the end of the last campaign.

The media blame Conte for who has gone and who has come in, with the numbers the polar opposite of one another, but they need to remember his job title. He isn’t in charge of transfers completely. He can guide and ask for certain players, but he isn’t the one doing the negotiation, he has nothing to do with it.

Just remember he was the Premier League winner last year, go pick on someone else.




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