The Premier League have today announced a change to the summer transfer window. From next season, the summer transfer window for Premier League clubs will close at 5 pm on Thursday 9th August.

14 Premier League clubs voted in favour of closing the window prior to the opening fixture of the season, 5 voted against and one abstained. However, there are consequences of closing the window early.  From August 9th, Premier League clubs will not be able to buy players but there is the prospect that players will be departing the Premier League. This is due to the fact that transfer windows in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and even Turkey close at a later date in either late August or early September.

Clubs will have to subsequently get their business early, particularly Chelsea, who was active up until 1:30 am on Friday 1st September to complete the Danny Drinkwater deal from Leicester City. As this measure is not universal, it cannot succeed and appears rather foolish. It will only take one huge star – the likes of Aguero, Coutinho and Hazard – to be lured to the Continent and the window will be reverted back to the late August deadline.


Written by Chris Bradford

20. Chelsea FC. Student at University of Liverpool. Twitter: @ChrisUTC97

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