Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen is learning all of the positions in the clubs central defence in training.

Christensen has just arrived back from his two-year loan spell in Germany and is looking to cement a starting place in the squad. He impressed in Chelsea’s recent fixture despite losing.

Andreas Christensen
The central defender has looked like a new signing for the Blues.

With his preferred role being in the centre of the back three, he is up against David Luiz, and now the 21-year-old is looking to be more versatile.

The Denmark international told that he is pleased with how he has performed so far in the early stages of the season: “I’m happy for the matches I’ve played, and I think I’ve shown myself as well as I could.

It certainly looks like that’s the position I’m fighting for [at the centre of Chelsea’s defence], but in training I am also working on the other two sides so if there is use for it then I won’t think twice about playing there.”

With the Blues playing nearly three times a week, Christensen will be called upon: “We’ve played seven games in 21 days so it has been tough.

“Conte said before this run of games that if someone thought they could play every game, they had a screw lose.

“He really emphasised that he was going to rotate, which he has done. But I think we’ve found our legs and know what we’re going to do.”

The defender certainly looks the real deal, and at the age he is, he is only just getting started. Chelsea need to look after him.






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