The 21 year old Centre-Back was brought back by Antonio Conte after his two year loan at Borussia Monchengladbach and has massively performed in all games.

After David Luiz was dropped against Manchester United and receiving an injury after that, Christensen has started many games and has clearly impressed Antonio Conte and has kept his place in the back three.

He has impressed so much that Chelsea’s captain Gary Cahill feels as if he doesn’t need to give any orders to Christensen as he is so secure in defending.

Cahill said to BT after the Chelsea vs Huddersfield game: “At this football club, you don’t get given gifts, you don’t get given time to play if you’re not good enough.

“He’s proven that he’s more than capable. He’s growing stronger and stronger every game he plays. It’s natural as well, you get more belief and more confidence from his performances. He’s proven to be a very good footballer.

“You don’t have to worry every two minutes what he’s doing or what he’s up to or telling him to go here or go there. And that’s a worrying factor.

Christensen had a 98% passing accuracy against Huddersfield Town

“I think it’s one of the positives things you don’t have to do. You feel you can leave him to play his own game.”

“I feel he can help him along a lot, which he has been doing,” Cahill added. “He’s a very good footballer and he can only improve.”



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