Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has given his thoughts on the situation regarding Blues defender David Luiz.

The Brazilian has missed Chelsea’s last several games due to injury, and due to a bust up earlier on in the season after questioning Conte’s tactics, he is now being claimed of that he is hiding the whole truth behind it all.

Conte has been unable to put a time scale on when Luiz will return however the 30-year-old has returned to light training since his knee injury.

Antonio Conte spoke to the press ahead of Saturday’s home game against Southampton. 

But the Italian has hit out after being questioned as to whether he his telling the truth, and said he would get the club doctor to confirm the injury news.

“To stop this, I think it’s right to call the doctor and to have a conference with him.

“I think this is a good idea. I understand that someone is thinking that I’m not telling the truth. I’m disappointed about this, but I can understand it.

“I’m disappointed because I like to tell you the truth at every moment. I’d like to tell you a bad truth rather than a good lie.

He hasn’t featured since the end of October for Chelsea.

“I think we can call the doctor and organise a conference with the doctor for him to explain the medical situation of all my players and, in this way, I can avoid having to answer this question. Avoid the creation of this atmosphere of ‘it’s not true what he’s telling us’.

“I am disappointed about this, but I will try to solve the situation.”

Andreas Christensen has been performing well since coming into the side, so Antonio Conte won’t need to rush the Brazilian back.



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