Chelsea legend Ray Wilkins has said on TalkSPORT that John Terry should be given the chance to start his managerial career with Chelsea or another leading club.

Antonio Conte in the past has advised past Chelsea players who want to take on a coaching career to start in the lower divisions. However Ex-Chelsea player and assistant manager Ray Wilkins disagrees, claiming JT would be better off going straight into a distinguished job.

The Captain, leader, legend has been working on his coaching badges whilst playing for Championship side Aston Villa, and has always shown great leadership from his time at Chelsea Football Club.

In an interview on TalkSPORT, Ray Wilkins had this to say about John Terry:

“When you have been a top, top footballer, you understand the mentality of the top, top player,”

“I look at Roy Keane. I thought he would be a fantastic manager but when he went down the leagues, I would imagine that Roy couldn’t accept the fact that someone couldn’t pass the ball from here to the wall and he would get rather annoyed by it.

“The lower you go down, the more repetitive it becomes, so stay where you are used to and what you know because you know the mentality of the player you are dealing with.

“John should go in at a top, top Championship club or Premier League club.”

Having spent more than 20 years with the club, Ray Wilkins sees no reason why John Terry should have some sort of coaching role at Chelsea.

“Why not? They took a chance with AVB all those years ago. Why not give it to them and let them have a bash at it?

“They know the club inside out, they are absolutely adored by everybody at the football club and it can only be a good thing that those two are given half an opportunity.”


Written by Luke Newton

Aspiring sports journalist, big Chelsea fan.

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