West Ham manager David Moyes says he wants his side to play “like Chelsea” if he remains in charge after the end of this season.

Moyes took over at West Ham in November after a disastrous start of the season under Slaven Bilic. The former Everton and Manchester United manager has changed the way West Ham play, guiding them out of the relegation zone to 15th in the PL table.

Speaking to the BBC on Football Focus, Moyes said:

“I’ve got an idea in my head how I want it to look,  I want us to go to those teams and say, ‘we’re having a game with you and we’re going to see if we can beat you.

“At the moment, we just don’t have the same level of quality of players as those teams do, but I’m saying that for probably every other team bar the top six or seven in the Premier League.”

There is still rumours going on about Chelsea’s apparent interest in West Ham’s Andy Carroll.

David Moyes has said that the club haven’t received any concrete offers for Andy Carroll. Carroll’s contract is due to expire at the end of the season.





Written by Luke Newton

Aspiring sports journalist, big Chelsea fan.

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