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Done Deal: Chelsea acquire first stake to begin multi-club model project



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Chelsea have completed their acquisition of a stake in Ligue 1 side RC Strasbourg, according to reports.

Following the takeover of Chelsea in May 2022, the Todd Boehly-Clearlake Capital ownership made their intentions clear of wanting to create a multi-club model like the Red Bull Group and City Football Group (CFG).

“We’ve talked about having a multi-club model,” said co-owner Boehly at the SALT Conference in September 2022. “I want to continue building out the footprint. I think there’s different countries where there’s advantages to having a club.”

Chelsea have looked at clubs in Belgium, France, Portugal and South America, but they have now bought their first stake to begin their multi-club project.

As reported by Romain Molina, Chelsea have completed their part acquisition of RC Strasbourg.

Ed Aarons of The Guardian reports Chelsea will acquire a near 100 percent stake of the French side. An announcement is expected on Thursday.

President Marc Keller told L’Equipe in March: L’Équipe. “I’m meeting people, from Chelsea and elsewhere, but nothing is done as it stands.

“The other shareholders and I have a sense of responsibility and will be careful regarding the profile of potential investors, whatever their nationality.”

Talks have progressed and Chelsea have been successful. Official confirmation now awaits, but their project hopes of replicating the likes of CFG are now underway. One down, many more to go.